Open Practice Today At Full Throttle Speedway

OPEN PRACTICE TODAY 2:00pm till dark

Tires will be on sale,

Drivers packets and schedules available
$10.00 each to enter the pit side
Grandstand side will not be open this week

Grand Opening May 4th


Will there be practice on friday may 3, and if so will we be able to camp, Thanks


I spoke with kevin today and there will be open practice friday may 3 from 4pm till dark, if enough cars show up they will turn on the lights, just passing on what I was told. I hope this helps some of you out that where asking.

Tony, are LJ and I allowed to come camp out with you that night? We could sure throw a hell of a party! Haha.

ANYTIME,ANYWHERE, youre more than welcome to hang, and dont forget butler, lmao

Hey TC

I probably won’t make it there this Friday before dark. But next time you guys camp out I’m crashing the party. Lol

See you Saturday.

Count me in T.C.

I will bring the grill if I can drive your car??? lol

Sounds good robert, Doug yu don’t want to drive that heap,