Putnam County Speedway has got a billboard out on 95 south

Anyone see it? Other than the internet,I don’t see any FL tracks advertising in news papers,radio,local flyers,etc…

They also announced $100 to start for the Gladiator and Thunder Stock support classes! Any other tracks out there doing this??? From what I hear NSS pays $0 to win for strictly stocks…pretty pathetic :frowning:

Good to see them making a serious effort

we are paying $100 to any car on the lead lap in hobby,thunder stock and gladiator…if they fail to finish on the lead lap they still receive $50…i asked the owners for this payout and they accepted it…it allows most cars to win more than normal if they finish on the lead lap…i have used this payout before and it helps boost car counts and for sure helps the racers!!!

That’s certainly a step in the right direction. Although promoters and track owners all over Florida will tell you that the way to really promote a track is to spend no money at all and to rely on message board posts, and web sites that only hardcore race fans ever heard of, to bring in the crowds.

That is awesome. No reason for those lower classes not to be filled.Everyone gets paid to perform!
This is forward thinking.
Rick M

i saw the bilboard last nite fantastic and the payoff also fantastic this guy gets my support finally someone is paying attention justsayen