Sunday In The Bottoms-Lakeside Speedway-Mods Sanders Wins

1930’s, Kansas is ravaged by dust storms destroying livestock, crops, and race tracks. This scene was taking place in the hot laps at Lakeside Speedway on Sunday for the makeup race from Friday night.

Your in Kansas baby, almost reminded me of some of the old video’s you can watch on youtube about the old days in racing, no water on the tracks, sometimes oil, but dust to the point where drivers cannot see to drive.

This would be a sad story if it ended with these comments. The crew at Lakeside Speedway made a good recovery and worked their butts off to provide as good a track as possible under the conditions.

I personally give them credit for an afternoon of some pretty good racing, ruff track, some dust in the air, dirt in your hair, but leaving after seeing some of the best racing in the last couple of years. Thumps up guy’s. I wouldn’t want to do it this way every week but I thought it was a great show.

An extra special treat was Rodney Sanders dropping by Lakeside, starting in 7th place and making a run to the front and get the lead from Aaron Marrant, then he and Marrant put on a show of speed and driving especially the last lap.

Thanks again to the tracks crew, you made it worth while and entertaining. Enjoy.