2300 head

2.3l solid lifter head, fresh valve job narramore machine shop. milled. install rockers and cam of choice and bolt on. esslinger adjustable pulley, solid cam, not sure of specs. 863-651-4267 Jeremy 450 OBO

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pic of head

Picture of Cylinder Head.

what port / combustion chamber figuration? pic’s of if possible.

Its oval port… Chevy valves. Not sure, got valve job done at narramore, never bolted on car, got rid of car, and its been sitting in the carport.

Make me a offer Need money for my v8 bomber.

make offer need to go

cylinder head

do you still have the cylinder head?

yes i do still have head

2300 head

i am going to look at another cylinder head this weekend. if it is not legal for our rules then i will contact u back about you’re cylinder head. thank you,

cylinder head

can u get pictures of what it looks like in bowl area underneath the valves?

2300 head

Do you still have the head