Boycott Jeff Scofield

After seeing the video of Jeff Scofield wrecking Jake Perkins at Full Throttle (Jake Perkins Motorsports Fan page on Facebook) it begs to ask the question why Florida tracks permit this type of behavior. If Florida racing wants to get to the next level it must stop this type of behavior. It is my understanding that the number 07 was not penalized for this and then later went on to drive his car against traffic while going after another driver. What is wrong with this picture? He calls it rubbing! Why would anyone want to race in Florida? There are so many talented drivers ( ie. Jake Perkins, Anthony Campi, Tim Russell, Steve Doer, only to mention a few) who could compete at a larger level but there talent is overshadowed by the irrational and dangerous behavior of the likes of Scofield. Is it not time that drivers boycott tracks that support behavior such as that of Jeff Scofield. Just wondering.

It’s not the first incident Jeff has been involved in, for sure. It looked to me like Jeff got impatient and decided to move Jake. But things like that are the domain of track officials, they decide who gets punished and who doesn’t. If you want to boycott someone, boycott the track.
From the tone of your post i’d guess you’re related to Jake. He’s a nice guy and has plenty of talent. And given the right breaks he’ll go a long way in this sport. The behavior of a few drivers isn’t what’s held Florida drivers back. The ones who want to move forward usually find a way. Look at Brian Finney.

Nothing personal with Jake or Scofield. I have met Jake and do respect and like him. My concern is the state of racing in Florida. You are correct when you say it is up to the track to a certain degree but if the tracks are not going to do anything what would be the next step? Quit racing in Florida. I constantly hear and see (look at car counts and fan counts) how dismal racing is becoming in Florida. Florida is one of the greatest hotbeds of sports (football, basketball, etc…) and it should be no different in racing. I love the sport and I want to see it flourish in Florida. I also want to see racing as safe as possible. Unfortunately it seems tracks are afraid to hold drivers behavior to higher standards because they are concerned with car counts. I would like to see the tracks and drivers work together to make Florida racing what it could and should be. I am not an expert but I do not think it takes an expert to see something needs to change in Florida racing.

Do you really think driving like that is isolated to Florida? It happens anywhere and everywhere.

Matt, boycott the track? You are kidding, right?

Brian Finney moved to ARCA because he was tired of the horseshit that goes on in local short track racing. He got burned out on spending more time fixing broken racecars than racing them. Too many rich kids that don’t mind tearing your stuff up.

He’s having fun loading up the family, traveling to new and different places, and racing with a group that operates with a lot more respect from the drivers on track.
He also said last year, that he is looking to add an intermediate track car to go with the short track car. Hopefully we’ll see Brian race more often, but he’s not running the superspeedways at this point.

Jeff— dorer??
Jeff— campi??


whos next, I cant believe the tracks put up with his bull crap


Jeff— dorer??
Jeff— campi??


whos next, I cant believe the tracks put up with his bull crap[/QUOTE]

Okay, lets break this down:

Jeff and perkins: perkins rode his fenders at showtime, the same race where perkins had ignition troubles and took out other late models when he didnt fire at the line or at bradenton when he was pushing jeff up the corner on the restart, perkins own video showed that.

Jeff and boyd, bradenton when boyd kept door checking jeff all around the track?

Jeff and dorer, no problems raced clean, maybe old news you are trying to bring up again.

Jeff and campi, campi dumped dempsy on lap 1 at showtime and nearly took the leaders out, knocked jeffs rear end out of line in the car and broke the quarter panel, at bradenton, he was knocking him around again, at auburndale campi stacked 4 supers up on the outside line which jeff was stuck in the middle of when campi didnt fire on the restart or missed a shift, then running into the back of jeff in turns 1 and 2 Then campi came to a complete stop on the backstretch in front of the pit exit.

There is always things that lead up to stuff like this, when campi dumped webster to win the last storer race no one made a big deal of it, so why now, in racing wrecking is always going to happen, from street stocks, to sprints to modifieds to super late models, it does not matter if it is on dirt or asphalt, it will always happen.

Jeff has been racing for a long time, he is one of those drivers that will only take so much and then he will let you know when he has had enough, anderson, shelnut, cope, dorer, russell, winchel, and alot of other drivers have their boiling point and are quite capable or will do the very same thing.

Who’s next, nobody as long as people would learn to race with respect and race clean, when people start driving over other cars, this is what happens.

chevy, you forgot the biggest crash war…lol

jeff—jeff chocquette??


History repeats

Never got love

Its SO CLEAR THE BOY never got any attention as a child . Hes craving attention . come get some .

Over and over again

Its past time to boycott this guy . Its hurting racing everytime he shows up

the only way that I believe would actually have a possibility of working is if all the SLM drivers went from track to track following a routine… show up, practice, time trials, and then at the autograph session a “spokesman” for the majority of the SLM drivers announces to the fans that they are all loading up. At that point at any track the owner(s)/ promoters don’t have much of an option. either call the race off, or kick him out and put on the show…

it’s not rocket science, but how many feel strong enough to actually do it…?

personally I’ve only ever paid attention to him 1 time… and that was a “tell all” for me. it was kind of hard not to notice him that night. It sounds like a repeat happened last weekend.

maybe someone should invent a “racers rehab” for the guys that totally lose their heads once the helmet goes on… might be pretty lucrative.

I agree something needs top be done about him. Because of his behavior at Auburndale during the Billy Harvey memorial, we elected to not to drive three hours to Desoto for a race my husband very much enjoys. I have an idea… someone post a schedule where he is NOT racing and see how many show up … :wink:

You people are dumb. Everybody hates a winner and that’s what Scofield is. He feeds off of this kind of stuff and goes out there and gets it done. Scofield and Jefferson are the 2 most hated drivers in FL. But they will be in the winners circle 8 out of 10 races.

yeah, anyone who doesn’t like a high speed demo derby “race” is dumb. I mean… wtf money grows on trees, people heal, cars repair themselves, and most of all the families in the stands especially the kids need to learn how to be un-sportsman like and throw tantrum fits.

Schofield was on a “dump fest” at adale and still didn’t put the car in 1st (regardless of the dq) and that was with an all out wreck fest using what I hear to be an illegal spec motor, also using rev limiter set to aid in his timing to let off the throttle (not illegal, just shows the driving style).my understanding is it was basically the same at dosoto, and no winners circle… must be those 2 races out of 10 that he wouldn’t win…interested to see his next race… I’m sure he will win that one. :wink:

I agree he has talent, but I think it ends where his rage starts.
“cant pass em dump em”

Hot Head

He is a hot head, and should be bared from racing in florida for 1 year, then on probation for one year. Plan and simple, period. Vince

bottom line

Any major sanctioning body (Nascar, CRA, Pass) would not put up with what he has done over the past 3 years. If you don’t believe me, call them and ask. Why Florida puts up with the BS, I will never know.


So, explain to me, when Dorer moved him for the lead at a-dale, why didn’t this “winner” you call him, just not move Dorer back and win the race???

Maybe it was because Dorer was faster, and if he did not wreck him, Dorer would have got away, and won the race, and “everybody hates a winner”.

Maybe us people are dumb, or maybe us dumb people are just feed up with him crashing people!!

Bottom line is he has no problem moving people, but cant stand to be moved, sounds like a one way street to me.

My point is that you guys are wasting out time on here. He doesn’t need fans to show up, pay his entry fees and go racing. Are you gonna stop buying from his merchandise Trailer so he can’t afford to race? Oh that’s right this isn’t the cup series and people don’t get to race based solely on how much money or how many fans they bring in.

well… I think NOW you may be on the way to understanding what the original poster said…

obviously HE doesn’t need fans to show up and buy merchandise, nor does HE need competitors. (From what I’ve seen of view he doesn’t like competition anyways)

the track however DOES need racers and fans. This would be the reasoning for someone to want to show the track(s) that if his recent actions continue that the racers and fans alike will diminish.

I thought it was pretty simple concept to understand to begin with