Crane Cams HI-6 GEN2 Ignition Box with Crane PS92N Coil

Crane Cams 6000-6440 HI-6 Gen2 ignition control is a fully digital multi-spark CD ignition that is potted with soft urethane to seal it from dirt, oil, moisture, and vibration.

Crane Cams PS92N Race External Core Coil features performance ignition coils. They feature Crane’s special E-core design, which loses less voltage, so more spark gets to the plugs. The coils also have large-gauge wire windings for maximum spark current and voltage, with better heat dissipation at high rpm. An insulated connector and high-tension tower protect against high-voltage arcin. They are solid-epoxy encapsulated for shock and vibration protection. These coils are specially designed for use with capacitive discharge (CD) ignition systems

It’s race ready or keep it for a spare.


? Fully Digital Design
? Multi-Spark CD Ignition
? Potted With Soft Urethane to Seal from Dirt, Oil, Moisture, and Vibration
? Lightweight Aluminum Housing with Cooling Fins
? Preset Rev Limiter in Factory Sealed Unit Per Sanction Rules
? Weatherpak Connectors
? Mag Triggered Input