Yes the late model race was exciting but it could’ve been better. Jesse Dutilliy was fast qualifier and he drew the 6 pill so he starts 6th. So Campi starts up front. To make it interesting why not invert the whole 1st row? Move the 1st row to the 3rd row and move the 3rd to the 1st? Make it difficult. Or put after Dutilly moved back, give an option to Campi of $500 extra if he starts dead last and wins. Campi has the equipment and the talent but when you start 1st and basically walk the dog on everybody for 75 laps how much fun is that for the fans?

And another thing… The late model race was good… But the street stock and road warrior race was exciting. I’ve always said if you put up $1,500 or $2,000 for a twin 50 race that will draw cars from the woodwork!

And the car count was decent. Take into affect that Outlaw mods were a last minute add on and there were 15. 15 with a 2 day notice. I think that’s pretty good. As for the car count , I mean 77 between 7 divisions that’s with 4 or rookie 4’s. so just 72 between 6 divisions. That’s not bad for a track that just reopened 3 weeks ago.

Now I’m not going to tell Mr. Williams or Mr. Yoho how to run their business but if they merge they would make much more money. Lets say run Fab4 mod mini cowboy Cadillacs and a 50 lap street stock race on Friday at full throttle and the remaining divisions with a big race or specialty race at showtime on Saturday night. Then the next week flip flop tracks. Run points at both tracks and have a big payout at the end at of the year.

Just my opinion coming from a fan!!