That's what i'm talking about

I often rant about the lack of competition being the cause of the very poor condition of Florida short tracks. Not the competition on the track, but the almost complete lack of competition among engine builders, tire and fuel suppliers, and the like. We’ve all seen engine builders, speed shops, parts suppliers, car builders, etc go under because a track or a series gets handed a big check so that only one type of soft drink can be sold at the concession stand. Or only one brand of ignition can be used because that brand paid the track owner a bundle to keep the other brands out. Or only certain engine builders are allowed to build the spec engines for a track or series.
More companies and suppliers get shut out, means less competition to build better and less expensive components. The local Chevy dealer buys up the rights to sponsor the track, means all the other brand dealers can’t bring advertising and sponsor money to the track and ultimately to the racers.
I just read on the net that the Nesmith Series has switched to Renegade Race Fuels as the official fuel supplier for the series. I wonder if all the other suppliers will be locked out?