Where'd all the sprint cars go?

I just saw the results for the TBARA sprints at Showtime Speedway… Only 9 cars showed up… Maybe because it was a holiday weekend? I know usually they have around a 20 car field when they run. What’s goin’ on???

Hey Jacque, fermer votre bouche!

That was NOT a TBARA race. Those were the independent Showtime Speedway sprints. Yes, many of the cars were TBARA cars, but it was not a club sanctioned point event.

Over the past year, TBARA has averaged 21 cars per event. We had 23 at our May race at Full Throttle Speedway, and no one crashed. This week, we are returning to Orlando Speedworld for the first time in many years, and should have a very solid car count. Want a prediction? I am guessing 22 cars.

Showtime management has proven to be friendly to sprint cars, and that track is an excellent place to race. This time, they picked a rough weekend: several teams were out of town at the Little 500. I was also surprised to see how their count fell off.

JD, are you coming out to Speedworld? Remember, for this weekend only, Speedworld is running on Saturday night with sprints, TQ’s, Legends, a Super Stock 50, mini cups and more.

Sorry to ruffle your feathers there Boneman, I’m not badmouthing Showtime Speedway in any way when I said they had a low car count. I was just surprised to see they only had 9 cars. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t a TBARA event…my bad… I’m not going to be able to make the race at Speedworld, but I do plan on going to the race at Citrus on June 22nd. Should be a great race at Speedworld though… Good Luck at your home track.

No ruffling going on here bud, and you are right about Citrus on 6-22; it will be intense. The race last October was the busiest I’ve ever been in a racecar. Stop by and say “bon jour”!