Just For Fun

How many racers, fans, crew members, etc. have read any of my dad’s books (author Patrick D. Smith) including A Land Remembered. I am always running into people that when they realize who my father is, tell me how much his books have meant to them. Whether they were from Mississippi, Florida, been to Russia, in the Merchant Marines or enjoyed his short stories, I would just kindof like to know how many have read one of his books.

I know how much Jack Smith loved my dad’s books and how he always wanted to spend a day with dad and “pick his brain”. I think Jack wanted to write a book himself but just never got the chance but he loved my dad. I am only sorry that they only met once for a short period of time at New Smyrna Speedway the year dad was Grand Marshall there.

But have you read any of his books and if so, what did you like most about them??

My brother will be back in October and November of this year speaking from one end of the state to the other on my dad and his works and we are just doing alittle extra footwork for this.

Thank you - Jane

Thanks for telling me I forgot dad’s name - it is Patrick D. Smith

For those that don’t know his name; writer,Patrick D. Smith.:ernaehrung004: I’m sure you ment to write it in your note.