NSS - Rained Out

Tonight’s Racing for Saturday June 1st has been canceled Due to Rain.

Don’t forget Vintage Drags tomorrow (6/2) from 12-4pm. More information at NewSmyrnaSpeedway.org


Will you be rescheduling the 50 lap sportsman race?

Ocotber would be great!

Why not reschedule this race for sometime in October when the threat of rain is diminished and it’s comfortable for the fans in the grandstand? Have it in October and I guarantee I’ll be there (as would a lot of other Sportsman)! :ernaehrung004:

Make it part of Gov. Cup weekend.

2 things…the races could of been ran without a problem at all, tjose that were there know it and why not have multiple $1000 to win races for the sportsmans?

Are you saying the race could have been run on Saturday night??? It would have been a really long shot for the track to recover, but the promoter would have lost a ton of money because there would have been no one in the grandstands.