Sooo close at Speedworld

A hard, steady rain washed out what would have been an excellent night at Speedworld. Their first try at a special event Saturday show was going off with a variety of different classes and plenty of different cars. It was certainly not the same old show, and I congratulate them for putting something together that was so cool. Sad to say, there was no way to overcome the hard storm that hit around 7:15 or so.

I think there were 17 TBARA sprints on hand; less than I expected, but I know of at least one team with two cars that stayed away because of the bad forecast. The quality of the field was very strong, so we would have had one hell of a race.

I didn’t get around the pits much, but it looked pretty full! I heard there were fans in the stands too. It looks like the advertising and effort by the track was going to pay off, but now we have to wait until the rescheduled date of July 27 to see for sure.

Funny thing: as we were waiting out the storm in my trailer, I could hear the motocross track next door still running in the height of the monsoon! I bet they had a blast, but how could they possibly see what was going on?

A final note: I saw the coolest DAARA car last night: T.C. McElyea always brings a pristine '57 Ford late model, but last night he also brought an early 1960’s T-bird stock car! I never saw anything like it; good work T.C.!

Rained on the front stretch too

What a disappointment. We got there at 7:15 and the rain just started. We too waited it out in the car until they called it. We were very pleased to see cars in the front field for a change. I hope they try to repeat this show in the near future. More cars in the back + more fans in the front= new life for an old but respected track.

Thats to bad, I know you were looking forward too it. Look at the bright side, it didn’t rain any Friday or Saturday nights in November, December or January… but then again there wasn’t any racing so it really doesn’t matter.

The deal is that it might stop raining tonight but in the wenter months at race time its not going to get warmer.
rain isent as bad as cold for the fans. The average racer likes the cold .
the average rain outs for me in a season was 5 but i do rember one year we had 12 in a row. Its hard to overcome for the racer fan and track.


Does anyone know if they are gonna run Supers Friday since it was a scheduled Brighthoues Race and it’s been cancelled?

That’s good to hear that’s a neat little track

The one thing I don’t understand is why tracks see the need to raise front gate on special event nights. Especially a track trying to establish a fan base last thing you would want is the fan to think that high price is weekly.

Omg I was so disappointed, but I think rain was keeping a lot of people away. We were looking fwd to this night for weeks. I hope they can reproduce the line up in July!!!