Muncie 2 spd Aluminum transmission

I have a Muncie aluminum transmission for sale, has had top left ear welded back on. Ready to bolt in, just ad grease. $400.00 Call 239-707-3472 Located in North Ft Myers FL (willing to trade, whatcha got)

Sorry this is a SUPER T-10 transmission, not a Muncie… Its fine spline, and a very strong transmission… Great Deal!!!

do u know what ratio 3rd gear is?

It has 2 lines on the input shaft, so what Im showing is a 1.23 3rd gear. Here is the codes on the tranny… 04-065-903 WF1142, tailshaft 13-04-066-903 Hope this helps 239-707-3472

if it was a m-21 , m 22 muncie ,would be 146

What u looking for in trade, have 300

What do you have to trade? Need a nice set of 8" wheels, 5x4 3/4 2’’ and 4’’ backspacing. CASH and a trade will work… Let me know what you have

I have some 2 inch 1 new 4 inch they’re black