need a favor

is there anyone out there that has recently scrapped or junked a homemade trailer ? or wrecked one thats junk ? do you still have the old registration with the bill of sale part on it ? i will pay a reasonable price for it if you have no further use for it .

take your trailer to your local county landfill and get it weighed , take weight slip to tag office , and get your tag & registration

thanks Darrell but that cant be done . its a long story . just need an old registration from a scrapped/junked or wrecked trailer .

A weight slip will allow you to register it as a homemade trailer in Florida. DMV won’t need to even see the trailer. It’s EZ ! :slight_smile:

guys , if thats what this was about i would have already done that . different situation entirely . just need an old registration , its that simple .