Chance Rice wins Springport Michigan in a RRD Modified

First time in this brand new RRD Modified hits the track and wins keep up the good work.Congraulations many more to come John SR.

Chance Rice wins Springport Michigan in a RRD Modified

Conngrats RRD! , Great Job, quality workmanship and design, we will do our best in the FUPS Truck Series Race on June 29, 2013 at Adale to make RRD proud!!! Thanks to RRD,


I guess I’m the stupid one because no one else ask, but who or what is a RRD? Thanks in advance

Rehab racing development, John Sappricone Jr is buliding cars now.

Isnt john the one who ran/ owned desoto the last few years?

No, you’re not stupid. This thread is what’s known as a non-advertisement advertisement. Information is intentionally posted so that it really only makes sense to a few insiders, prompting someone to ask more about the subject and then the OP can feel free to post the name of the company and a description of what they do. After all, he was just responding to your question.
John Sr. owned Desoto for the last decade or so.

Still holds the papers on desoto.