OCRS Sprints Monett Speedway-Video

The Grand Ole Lady, Monett Speedway was host to the Oil Capital Racing Series sprint cars Friday night. With just a little different take on sprint car racing this series none the less has what it takes for sprint car fans to get their open wheel fix in a hurry.

Speed, danger, good racing and of coarse, the open wheels and the big wing on top, you would have to really have to dig into these cars to really tell any difference between them and regular 360’s.

They do run steel blocks and a two barrel carb, just a second slower than a regular 360 on lap times according to series promoter Brain Grabel. The drivers range from veterans like Danny Smith to already one time winner this year 15 year Chance Morton the 2nd place finisher, they also just had their 3rd female winner for the series as Kacee Frazier would win at Monett.

John Lemon on the call for the races.

You watch and decide for your self, I would have these guy’s and gal’s at a track near me anytime. Enjoy.