Showtime Modifieds and more

Great turnout with 18 Modifieds including Jefferson and Bowman. The pits were full with over 100 entries and the weather held off all day. Mini stock had 24 cars and put on a great race.

Talked Yoho and the payout for OWM is over 4000 per night not counting special events. He does a good job of spreading the payout down the field of cars. He all so said that he will have big money races later in the year.

We need more tracks to step up there payouts and by the way there were cars there taking off grooved tires and putting on slicks to race here.

There was a good crowd in the stands despite the weather.

The modified turnout was good

And it was a field of good looking cars.The sportsman turnout was awful (6 cars) but the other fields were good.And no rain.(we left full throttles parking lot while it was raining about 30 minutes before they finally called it and set sail for showtime.Only missed the heats)

Agreed Mod 8

Headed over to showtime last sat to help a friend out, I had not bin there in a while. I will say this weather yu love him or hate him hes doing something right with his mods 18 CARS for a 35 lapper. and there was some really good ones there, I honestly believe that the drivers that run these cars want to race on real TIRES SLICKS just look at his car count, Good job to ALL IT WAS A GOOD RACE


I see you have your car for sale???

Took the family over there last year because I love the asphalt mods.Great show with a 24 car feature.Wish that track was on the east coast!