Good time at Full Throttle!

I have been asked to drag my dwarf down to FTS, so Saturday I headed down there to try it out. The staff was friendly and accommodating, which was a refreshing change. The pit slabs were nice and big, although some are on a pretty steep hill. The practice sessions went along quickly and seemed to be pretty well organized. Kevin, himself handled the main portion of the drivers meeting and it was by far the best and most intense I have ever attended. The rain caused a slight delay but the track was quickly made ready for racing and the races began. The classes were again called and raced smoothly. There was a slight hitch in the program when the lights went out during our feature. We were allowed to get out of the cars and relax until they came back on. All in all I would have to say that this is a great group of people with an extremely fast track trying to do their BEST to put on a good racing program. If any of you have been hesitant, don’t be. It was a 2 plus hr drive for me and I will be back racing there on a regular basis.