Sportsman 50 $1000 to win bring track rules

This saturday on the 29th $1000 are up for grab at the fastest half mile track in the south at NSS located on state rd 44 and state rd 415

This race is open to All Sportsman. We are asking anyone from another track to please have your rules and CALL Jeff Sutcliff at 386-478-8055 so that he can answer any questions about rules before Saturday night. Please leave a message if not answered and your call WILL be returned.

Thank you!

I think there are several teams that would like to come, but you scheduled this race on top of the FUPS race at Auburndale.

We where planning on coming to the last one until it got rained out, but just like james said we will be adale this saturday

Ditto to what James and Cody said. I too, was planning on running the make-up of this event, but they rescheduled it right on top of the FUPS Sportsman event at Auburndale. I guess NSS feels that 12 cars will be a good field for this event. I understand that since abandoning themselves on NASCAR island that they cannot run FUPS events without purchasing seperate insurance, BUT why schedule events right on top of FUPS nights when it’s painfully clear that you need all the cars that you can get? It’s like they have some kind of ax to grind with FUPS now. That’s too bad because these days we need everyone working together as much as possible, not working against one another. Cody and James, I’ll see you at Auburndale!