Orlando Sportsman team looking for help!

I need 1 or 2 guys to help me with my sportsman team. I don’t care how much you do or don’t know or even how much experience you have. I just need a good attitude and a willingness to do whatever to get the job done. I currently run OSW and NSS (red and white #58) Great opportunity to learn from some really smart and experienced guys!! Call my cell if interested or have questions; 407-288-4728. Thanks

Come on guys; 201 views and no takers? Great opportunity to have some fun, win some races and for you to learn!

Maybe you know someone who would be a good fit???

Where are you located? If someone is nearby, they may be willing to help. You didn’t give much info, so don’t expect much response…

that’s why I posted my phone number.

The only 2 positions i am qualified for are crew chief and driver. Sounds like both of those are filled.

If i think of anyone local i will forward your info.:cool008:

I’m also in the 407 area code, but that could mean anything from Kissimmee to Sanford, or Clermont to Bithlo. If you are somewhat near me, I may be able to help some… but I’m not driving 50 miles each way several times a week to do it. If you were near me, or someone else on here willing to help, it might make all the difference in finding some help.

Good luck with that, I know how tough it is by yourself. if I can ever make it back out I will be happy to lend a hand.

be careful what u wish for nowadays driver is expected to pay crew members. pay for their pit passes. any licenses. meals at the race track. travel expenses etc.

this sport has changed a lot since people would shell out any of their own money and actaully HELP a race team not expecting anyone to pay their way. its a job these days. see on here all the time drivers bitching about cost of a pit pass becuz they think they have to buy one fore every crew member and family member. what happened to just helping to help? and while on the topic, unless wife and kids are vital members of crew, leave them in the grand stand. or don’t bitch about how much u pay for them to get pit passes. unless they are working they dont NEED to be in there, it is a choice that u make so dont piss and moan about it.

not directed at u 58, just in general. may have to mortgage ur house to find a pit crew.

To me working on race cars always sucked. Especially when it wasn’t mine. I loved driving them but everything else, not so much. I’ll drive it if YOU will work on it! LOL, seriously though, good luck to you!

I have fun sometimes helping someone throw some wrenches around, if its fun to hang with those people, and if nobody acts like its my JOB to be there. I’m glad to volunteer, but don’t go ordering me around…!

I’m no task master! :slight_smile: I’m doing this to have fun. I’m not the next anybody, I race because it’s fun to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to win or at least run up front, but it’s not do or die (any more) LOL!