OSW Rained Out Again.................

Pouring at 4 pm and more on the way… Unsanctioned boat races will be held in the parking lot until sundown and if it really rains more, a fishing tournament too…

OMG, how long, how many years or decades is OSW going to try and race in the summer? Some of us schedule to be off work all for naught.

It is silly. I for one am going to “store” my car and not plan on going racing till the rainy season is over.

nss here we come got get the cobwebs out

Okay, I just have to ask this. I’ve seen probably a hundred of these " cancelled due to rain " notices from Orlando over the last few years and i’m wondering why. Well, specifically i’m asking is it actually raining all night? Or does it rain during the day and the track decides the pits have too much standing water? Or is the infield flooded?
I ask because other than a steady rain, none of those other things should be a reason to keep cancelling races week after week. I remember there are weepers on the track surface, but there are weepers at a number of NASCAR tracks, they dry them and re-start the races.
I’m just curious about why this keeps happening. The other explanation is that the track couldn’t really care less about putting in any extra effort to get the program in, so as soon as the first rain falls they call it…

It’s raining right now at 5:51. It has been raining HARD and stopping off and on all day.

Matt, when would YOU call it rained out?

When it was my job to call an event due to weather, I tried to call it early so the teams wouldn’t have to pull all the way to the track. But if they were there or mostly on the way, I’d hold off until as late as possible.

I think that’s what OSW is doing and I for one applaud them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to race there tonight, but it’s worse to pull all the way there, sit in the rain and then have it called, then it is to have it called early.

[QUOTE=Lizzard;129195]It’s raining right now at 5:51. It has been raining HARD and stopping off and on all day.

Matt, when would YOU call it rained out?[/QUOTE]

That’s the reason I asked. You say it’s been raining off and on all day. Is it possible it will rain at 5:51 and then stop at 6:20? Or 7:00? And after an hour of track drying the show goes on? I’ve been to many shows that were saved and run. I’ve been to others that couldn’t be saved and were cancelled. I’m asking because I rarely see OSW waiting it out, drying the track, and putting on a show. But I see over and over OSW calling the races in the morning or early afternoon on race day or even the day before.


I think OSW has a “seepage” issue. Lots of dirt around the track that makes the track banked. Well, that rain water flows downhill and some of it comes out on the track…through the asphalt.

Really, if it rained hard for two days and got sunny on Friday morning I would bet the track might still be “wet”.

There are ways to fix it but I bet they are very expensive.