Wouldent it be interesting....

To have a 1-4 mile track in Fl. with a 4 divisions,100 car race night
To have a race season in the fall
To race on Sundays
Have a derby race every weekend
To race on wet tires in the rain–Orlando
To see a $100,000 or higher car, 50 lap race and beat the heck out of each other
To see a Garbage truck demoderby
To see Midgets thrive here in Florida
To see…
To have…


[QUOTE=rhinoracing11;129396]To have a 1-4 mile track in Fl. with a 4 divisions,100 car race night[/quote]I think that’s supposed to be a “1/4-mile track” <?>…Golden Gate would have Late Models, Thunder Cars, Super Sixes or Sprint cars (they alternated weeks), and Street Stocks - and pulled 125 cars or so. Full fields of 30+ Late Models, well over that for Street Stocks and Thunder Cars, and 20+ Sprinters or Super Sixes - every week.

[QUOTE=rhinoracing11;129396]To see a $100,000 or higher car, 50 lap race and beat the heck out of each other[/quote] Been done. 1985, I believe…? Well, not “$100,000 cars”, but, it was “luxury cars” - Lincolns, Caddy’s, Jaguars, etc. - at Orlando. Larry Moyer took home $100,000, if I recall. They went for 100 laps.

I’m not so sure he meant 1/4 mile track. The thread is titled wouldn’t it be interesting. And I think a 4 mile track would be pretty interesting.

A few questions Mr. Rhino. You are an idea guy and I like that, but I need a little help here.

What do you mean by “derby race”? A demo derby? A Snowball Derby type event?

Orlando needs rain tires, but it would be very difficult to draw fans in the rain, wouldn’t it?

Midgets are over-rated IMHO. Sprint cars are a little more economical, and I think safer, than a full-blown midget.

Probably means soap box derby all they need is a hill.

Sorry I meant 1/4 mile track.
Derby I meant enduro but with a few more crashes.
WoW didnt know they had a Luxury car race before.
Rain tires were just a thought.Just a solution to the Rain in Fl.
Man Love the Midgets But sprints are kool,Bone imagine yall racing with out the Wing!! Not as much down force so more driver needed.I have never drivin one before,just thinking more handling is needed,with out the wings.
And the crowd gets to see the driver…


Rhino, opinions are just like something else that everyone has, so here is a look at mine…My opinion, of course.

Wingless sprints on dirt are a kick-butt, exciting and unpredictable show. On pavement…not so much. They are much slower than winged cars because we are off the throttle so much of the time. I drove in a grand total of one wingless race, and it really took some getting used to. Wings are safer and much faster on pavement.

Its tough to see the driver either with or without a wing. Modern sprints have side panels that cover up all the movement behind the wheel. Its too bad, I used to like seeing those guys sawing on the wheel too.

Good point…

Boneman,a non-wing car is a blast to drive ill take the top off anytime much funnier to drive. Saftey wise the wing at least breaks the impact. We need nonwing back here not everyone likes it imho. Missed you at showtime but understand family time