Look who moved in

What luck! I just got back from NC where I found this beautiful Danica cut-out. You haters can enjoy your Kyle Petty cut-outs, meanwhile Danica will be keeping me company at work.

Gooooo Danica!

I have a few of a beach shoot and her in a bikini… She has ‘filled out’ a little since then and looks much better now. Be carefull shaking her hand, I almost said ‘ouch’… :sprachlos020:


Even I would prefer a poster of Danica then one of Kyle. UGHHHHHH easy choice. lol

she has no fashion sense

Her helmet doesnt match her shoes.lol

You’re right – should have ditched the high heels and gone with sneakers. lol

I’m not really a slave to fashion either. :dry:
But maybe someone should tell her… then run like hell. :anim_pound:

She still has nothing on Milka.


A brown-colred dress to match the same color as her driving skills in NASCAR…

[QUOTE=steadysteve;129499]A her driving skills in NASCAR…[/QUOTE] or lack there of

What happened to the other pictures?

Johanna Long, see facebook page. wish she had a better ride though.