New Smyrna updates....

Just got here at 4:30, and missed a SLM practice session before I got in. But the weather is really nice so far and looks promising.

Supers I can see from here include: Daniel Keene Jr, Daniel Webster, Mario Maresca, Michael Lira, Brandon Booth, Spencer Davis, Rich Clouser, Chet Morrison, Travis Cope and Matt Montineri. I can also see Tim Russell’s rig, and saw earlier pics of Anthony Sergi here.

Next session coming out now…

Plenty of time to get here.

Add Ray Black Jr.

Add David Rogers.

Add Shawn McCormick.

Also add TJ Duke, and Tim Russell officially.

There’s an Eagle Jet #7, that might be Amanda Ferguson, but I’m not familiar with this car.

On a different note, I see Donnie Williams out here in his Sportsman, which is good to see after being attended to by paramedics last week for heat exhaustion.

Support class cars continue to dribble in. I’ve seen several enter in the last few minutes, and see more lining up outside.

Weather looks (and feels) better by the minute. Lower than normal temps, fairly low humidity.

How about the dew point? How many beers you had so far?

3rd beer, and no dew point forecasted for 5 more months.

awesome, keep me posted. Getting out of work soon and heading that way.

#7 is actually Doug Elliott

Top 10 to start:
Sergi (FQ)
Black Jr

Looks like John Kennedy is a no-show for the final

Kennedy did make it out. 18 cars to start, with Chet Morrison on point.

Instead of a wave lap, all drivers flew the Stars & Stripes. Nice touch…

Something just happened with Duke, and possibly Elliott got into it, and went into turn 1 wall.

Top 5 Keene, Clouser, Morrison, Booth, and Cope in the 26

Webster pits. Comes back out


Booth alll over Keene.

Rogers picking me off

Clouser all over Morrison For 5th

Morrison blew something, causing Yellow. Sergi also went pitside.

Top 5 on lap 29 - Keene, Booth, Russell, Rogers & Clouser.
Restart coming soon.

Surprised to see Morrison still out there.

Rogers WAY. High loses lots of spots

Russel on Booth for 2nd

Cope on Russell for 4th