Thank You!!!

With my recovery getting closer, I would like to send out some thank you messages. I can not thank the fans of this nation and the state for all of the support through this rough time of my life. The cards, and phone calls from drivers and fans from all areas of the country and divisions is overwhelming. It’s amazing how strong and caring the racing family is. If it were not for the fans of this sport, us drivers and the track owners wouldn’t be able to enjoy this sport and feel rewarded.
I need to thank the safety equiptment companies alot. Butlerbuit seats, Simpson race products, Hutchins devices are the products that I invested in and they saved my life. The seat that was in my car held together and did not bend or move. The helmet that hit the wall, did not crack nor cause any injuries. The Hutchins device…I can’t speak highly enough about. Without it, I would not of made it. These items are key to me being able to talk about this and write about how important they are.
A huge thank you goes out to Todd Michaels of and my buddy, and fellow racer, Scott Adema for setting up the donation website. This was a gift that I will never forget or be able to repay. These are two, of the many, guys that showed me that even if you are not one of the big names, they still care. Thank you so much!
Others that made alot of tears come were Mark Gimmler and his family. Mark called me almost everyday and asked what I thought would help other drivers to be safer. Mike Tharp…called and prayed with me. Mike also was the person that took all of the racing equiptment home from the track that evening. He kept it at his house while I was in the hospital and then brought it all back to me. Josh Whichers, from the TBARA, did so much for my family. Fund raisers, phone calls and came by the house just to check on me.
I can’t forget to thank the FMARA, TBARA, Showtime Speedway, Full Throttle Speedway, Eastbay Raceway sprint car drivers. The staff at these tracks and the mentioned racing series have been great in my recovery.
Storm Racing Ministries… You guys were there for in the hospital and at home. Your hand placed upon our heads before the races make a big difference. You were with me through this all the way. Thank You!
Kevin Williams, of Full Throttle Speedway, is a racers owner. The one thing that stands out from my accident was the fact that Kevin was by my side talking to me from the time I got out of the car until they placed me in the helicopter. These kinds of things mean alot when you are going through this kind of tragic accident.
Most of all… I need to thank two main people in my life. First being MY WIFE! She was there on the track with me, in the hospital and now taking care of me at home. Not once did she show a tear in front of me, not once did she let me stop trying in the hospital, not once did she give up on me. She has stood beside me through all of this and supports me 100%. Second being Jay Stutz…he owed the car I was driving and is like a brother to me. Jay helped me get out of the car, then took his car to the pits. Loaded my cars and loaded his car. Took the trailor off his van and headed to the hospital with my wife. Jay never left my side for a week, including coming home with us to help my wife take care of me. He took great care of my wife and kept things together for her. Jay never let my feelings get down, he kept me possitive through the whole process. Thank you to these great people!
There are so many to thank…I wish I could thank them all in person. This is the best way I could think of. I hope to see everyone soon back at the races!!!

For a small guy out of Cape Coral…I feel like amillion dollars from the support and prayers! Thanks again and you made me feel special.

Geoff Styner