super fast sportsman car for sale

I am considering selling out of my racing stuff. I don’t seem to have the time or help to do it weekly or the way I am used to doing things. The car is the former #69 car that mike Bresnehan owned and raced at Citrus. Car is super fast, has the best you can buy for the class from front to back. I replaced alot of stuff, new distributor, new pads, new clutch, new shocks and springs as well as just put a new quick change in the car with 2 races on it. This car can win anywhere you take it. Like I said, I am considering selling out so if I did sell, it would be turn key with all extra parts, gears, wheels, etc & I would have to get what I am asking. If you wanna be a front runner anywhere you run or go, this is the car to do it with. If your interested, message me and we can talk.

How many races have you won with it, Y are you selling it?

How much $ for complete car race ready no extra parts? and how much for complete roller including headers, radiator, power steering, No enjine or transmission.

Mike Bres. sold 2 sportsmans
1st one was real nice car #69
2nd one was the coleman chasis older car

which chasis do you have?

He has the old 69 car true bad ass car


I was only interested in the new #69 car. Colman chasis used to be Jo Jo’s car it was fast in it’s day.

Yeah, this is the 69 car for sure & not the coleman car as i looked at both and while the coleman car had alot of nice parts on it, it was nowhere near what the 69 car was as far as performance goes.

sorry don’t get on here much. if I sold the car, it would have to be turn key. with what I paid for it, the money I put into all the new parts, I don’t have much room from where I would be or need to be on price but would give the best deal I could. send me a message on here with what ur wanting to know and I will respond there. have had a ton of messages with a lot of interest and just easier to make a deal in private.

I know the car was already super fast and I went completely through it, put a ton of new parts on it, redone the interior and inside of the car with all new gauges and such. didn’t change anything set up wise just put newer, more up to date, better parts on the car. spared no expense going through the car & when we did, I made sure it had nothing but the best front to back. I have been running it with wore out tires and still run with the lead cars anywhere we have taken it. car only has 6 races on it since all of the updates and going through. thanks

also, as far as why I am CONSIDERING selling it…to be 100% honest, first and foremost, I do not have the time to do it like I thought we would & its too difficult to make & keep up with all of the changes in weight, left side or whatever having to be done depending on which track you run. To top it off, & not trying to be disrespectful to anyone in any way, but I truly think the rules down here for sportsman cars are horribly behind the times with a lot of things. As a matter of fact, I really think there are rocks deep in the earth that are newer than a lot of the rules down here for the class.

I actually bought the car to run the series deal because it was “suppose” to be a deal where any sportsman car would be legal if it was legal at the track the car normally raced at. That proved to be untrue with several rules not even close to being universal, on top of the races being nothing but wreck-fests every single event, the free pit pass deal not being honored as promised if you bought a membership, not being an actual traveling series with only Auburndale and Citrus being the only tracks hosting the events, we decided to pass on running the entire deal after the first 2 events.

Understand you you feel about the Sportsman class here in Florida. There is no consistancy regarding rules at all. Back to my first response; How much are you asking for complete race ready$$


sent you a message on here.

I never received your message. Again how much for the car race ready?

to much if you cant post it.

sent the message again. its in your personal messages on here.

As for not posting a price Billy Barnham Jr., the deal I make on the car is nobody’s business other than myself and the person buying it…I could assume something as well about you & maybe the truth is, you must not have enough cash to buy it…:wink:

lets talk if interested…private message me, Ill give the price & we can work from there as I am open to reasonable offers. While I do not prefer to do it, I also could possibly do different packages.

I have carefully gone over the options of racing sportsman again and after talking with a alot sportsman drivers I know I have decided to pass on your car mainly because my home track just canceled Sportsman for the next 3 months due to not enough cars. It sucks because it used to be a really great class here in florida when I raced them back in 05.

Good luck you will sell it.


He Dont Wanna Post A Price Because He Will Tell You One Price Then Go Back On It And Tell You Another Price I Know Cause He Did It To Me

(A) I have NEVER talked to you in person or in a message

(B) I have never given you a price

so your another one who is full of BS. man, I wish the couple of you who run off at the mouth on here would do that directly to me…be willing to bet you wouldn’t do it again afterwards.

might consider a trade for a turn key, race ready truck that is a comparable to the sportsman as far condition, parts, spare stuff, etc. message me what you have. thanks.

Just post the price you would like to get. I understand you can wheel and deal private from there. And if you think trucks are any better than sportsman you have a surprise comming.


Consider trade for Drag Car roller?

$10,500.00 (price is very firm as I have way more than that in it with all that goes with it)

minus my seat, radio harness and helmet air system



Just don’t have the time to race it or I would never sell it. message me on here for more questions.