The 5th Annual Eddie Brann Memorial

It’s hard to believe it has been 5 Yrs since we lost the Man, but we will pay tribute to Him Nov 16 2013 at Full Throttle Speedway. We looked at everyone’s schedule and no one had anything going on for the Mods on that date.There will be open practice on Nov 15 along with our annual BBQ Friday night. We are working out the rest of the details now and as soon as we get them worked out we will let everyone know, Thanks

Good deal there “Big T Ole Man”, just added it to my schedule…U DA MAN (Son)… OSF

Tony, based on your post from the Jack Smith memorial is it safe to say that we will be on the F53 slicks by this time?

Thats good Tony. Lets plan a Turn Five devoted to Eddie Brann. Maybe have his wife on a segment. That’d be cool! maybe visit some of the shops where cars Eddie built are still running! An idea’s?

Mr Ballewm You Are Correct This Will Be A Hoosier F53 Slick Look Forward To Seeing You. The Only Thing We Are Asking Is If You Are Going To Buy New Tires, That You Purchase Them From Fts Because A Good Portion Of Those Tire Sales Will Be Put Back In To The Purse. Osf Where The Hell Have Yu Been, Old Senial One ,look Forward To Seeing You Soon. Video Bob Sounds Good We Will Make It Happen

Awesome News Tony, anything I can do to help you guys promote this race let me know.

I will probably miss the race it’s home stead weekend and I have had my tickets all year but I will make sure I have a back up to capture all the photos.

Can not wait to see this come together.

Sorry To Hear That Robert ,one Thing That We Have Learned Putting This Race On Is That No Matter What Date Yu Pick It Wont Work Out For Everyone, I Hope Yu Have A Great Time At Homestead.but Yu Might Want To Consider Selling Them There Tickets And Come See A Real Race, Just Messing With Yu

I know tony on the date. Still I look forward to helping promote it and seeing a great turn out and a good race. I know someone who does great DVDs lol

Good News!

We have finalized our purse for the 5th Annual Eddie Brann Memorial Race November 16th, 2013 at Full Throttle Speedway. Thanks to Kevin and Mike for making this our largest based purse yet with OVER $11,000.00 not including our contingency awards.
This race will not be an impound tire deal. The durometer rule will be in effect and there will be a 2 tire minimum purchase for this race from FTS. We are not going to cram 4 tires down your throat, but a large portion of our purse is based on tire sales, at least we can support the track that is supporting us! There will be NO ENTRY FEE for this race.
The purse will be as follows, subject to increase:

  1. 1500
  2. 1100
  3. 900
  4. 800
  5. 700
  6. 600
  7. 550
  8. 500
  9. 475
  10. 450
  11. 425
  12. 400
  13. 300
  14. 275
  15. 250
  16. 200
  17. 200
  18. 200
  19. 200
  20. 200
  21. 200
  22. 200
  23. 200
  24. 200
  25. 200

Thank YOU!

We will be selling laps for this race at $25.00 a piece. We will use this money to pay all of the B MAIN drivers for their efforts, anything left will be divided equally among the 25 starting A MAIN drivers. We would like to thank Jimmy Cope with JCR race cars and John Grimm with LJ Grimm Motorsports for donating their time and efforts to sponsor this years BBQ. We would also like to thank Lee and Linda Collins for sponsoring the killer trophies 5 years in a ROW! We will keep you posted on any other updates!
Thank YOU!

Putting this on my schedule for both nights. Good to see it on the slicks too, I will need some.
How many laps? Didn’t see it mentioned.

75 LAPS, Sorry about that,


We would like lap 19 and lap 53 please…

We would like lap 49

Already had it down doug Thank’s. M. ballew got yu covered, We would also like to thank Brian Rodgers with Circle Track Warehouse for putting up THE FAST TIME AWARD OF 250.00 thank yu. We also have 100.00 put up for the OLDEST STARTER OF THE RACE AWARD by FABNIGINC thank’s

Think I might go for the ‘old fart’ $100 bonus… :huepfen024:
-Ge Um-

Thank’s to EAGLES NEST RACING for putting up are HARD CHARGER AWARD 150,00. And also BOB with AMF CHASSIS for sponsoring are HARD LUCK AWARD 150.00 Thank you for you’re support.


So how do we get laps? Do you have a link, or just via email?

You can call me rex 813 267 3710 or leave me a message here. we have 18 laps left at this time Thank’s