Look what I found!

Old time Tampa Bay racing show


Thanks for finding and posting that show. What a piece of Florida stock car history!

[SIZE=“4”]Wow, this is a great historical clip from back in the day at Golden Gate by Mean Gene and the boys.

Thanks for posting Bob!

Here are a few cars & drivers that were not identified in the clip matched up with the time they appear on the progress bar;

6:35; #63 Tornado, my good friend Joe Blackwelder. RIP Joe.

8:44; #56 Tornado, Dave Snavely.

11:41; #45 Tornado, another good friend and all around great guy Rastus Kimbrell. RIP my friend. Outside of Rastus in the #31 Tornado is either Steve Cheesman or Don Folsom.

12:31; #91 Tornado Billy McCormick. McCormick always had great looking racers.

13:12; #91 Tornado Billy McCormick & your?s truly in my first Tornado car #4-Jr. This was 1967 and it?s obvious that McCormick must?ve backed into me in the corner here. :slight_smile:

My dad digging on the outside of Scarborough love it

That is a cool video bob, my buddy rick was stoked to see his old man digging on the outside RIP THE GENTLE GIANT