need 5on5

need 5on5 wheels back spacing 2through 4dirt wheels

See parts,parts,parts posting. There are 15x10s and 15x12s


I have 2 extra sets of 15x10’s maybe more — in Daytona

how much thanks

Do you need 15x10 or 15x12? The 12" are like brand new and the 10" are in good shape. These are Areo wheels.

10 in 3in back space beadlock and 4in back space regular 10 in

$90 for both.

Scratch above…$75 for both 10" wheels…

ok will try to meet to buy do you have pics of wheels -b-l

does anyone have wheels alittle closer

Where you located

dade city just north of zephyrhills

I have 12 of them. I will sell all for $100 I live in south east Georgia. I know it’s not close, but there here if you want them