Nss mod mini race on July 20th

Will everybody be required to be on Nss Hoosier slicks?

YES. All Mini-Stocks for the 50 lapper on 7/20 will be required to run the New Smyrna Speedway 13x8" Hoosier Tire.

Also, there is NO ENTRY FEE for the Mini-Stock 50.

REMINDER: If Drivers do not have a NASCAR License, they can purchase a Temporary License for this event, provided you have not already purchased one in 2013, for just $25.00.

If you wish to Upgrade a Temporary License to a full “NASCAR Charger License” you will be credited the cost of the Temp License.

mod mini 50

So whats the pay out? If I want to show up for this show, I have to buy 4 tires, 25 bucks for a nascar license, and whats the gate fee? 25 or 30. Thats a whole bunch of money to race a mod-mini…good luck

CLARIFICATION: Mini-Stocks are NOT required to buy a SINGLE tire. As long as they are on the Hoosier Tire that is currently in use at New Smyrna Speedway.

So you only want local cars?

No just an equal playing field…