Florida Weekly Late Model Payouts - c. 1976

Ain’t much changed, has it? LOL…

But, then again, when was the last time you got to see nearly every weekly track’s payout posted in ONE location?

This was from the May, 1976 Florida Weekly Stock Car News paper.

WOW Frank was pretty stingy with the money and the Gate was run on Friday and Saturday nights… :sprachlos020:

Your right not much has changed as far as that goes but not the building and operating costs go. If the payouts had kept pace with the operating expenses we would have some really good purses and more than likely a lot more cars. I ran Sunshine for a couple years back in the mid 90’s and I remember a set(4) of F-45 Hoosier’s were $367 mounted, and the track didn’t sell the tires (Jay). Now what they are over $600 now! And the tracks are now selling them! Same with the Fuel.

Yep and jay still sells them there not the track

The tire rule on the west coast in 1981 was any$70 tire sold at track.(Hoosher was the only one that had one)
Goodyear tire sold in south Fl for $125 each
In 1987 OSW had no tire rule. Anyone could sell tires and no one came to sell tires. Pit pass was $8 and we got our fuel at the airport.
In 1981 the purse went to $1,000 to win at Tampa and St Pete Fri and Sat.

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;130089]In 1981 the purse went to $1,000 to win at Tampa and St Pete Fri and Sat.[/QUOTE]The only two years we ever MADE money racing was in '81 and '82 :slight_smile: Finished second in the points both years at both tracks, and won our biggest career race, the Coca Cola 200 at Bradenton in '81 (part of the Triple Crown weekend).

Thanks, Don :slight_smile:

then what should it be today

go to inflation calculator

Well back in the 80’s thru the late 90’s if you finished in the top 5 constantly you would at least break even. These days it’s almost not even worth the aggrevation of running a car. The tracks have to get back to the working mans class on street tires and letting them get their feet wet then progress the class each season. Desoto did that in the 80’s and it worked well. Look at the videos that Bob puts on here from back then. There where lots of cars in each class . I just think if you don’t stand a chance if at least breaking even then why even race. It caused me to lose interest.