Goodbye Newman!!!!

Just saw where Ryan Newman will no longer be with Stewart-Haas racing next year. I sure don’t understand why they would let a former Daytona 500 winner go to insure that Danica has a ride next year… Oh yeah… Danica’s a marketing machine but struggles to get a top 25 finish each week. Go figure…

Maybe they let him go for the same reason Penske let him go. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Ryan, if he actually does leave SHR, he’ll likely take over the 29 at Childress.

Yeah I’m sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere decent. I just never thought that it would be more important to sell hats and t-shirts than put an experienced driver behind the wheel. I think NASCAR should stand for… Not About Stock Cars And Racing… Just my opinion.

Actually, there’s a lot of things I can think of that NASCAR stands for, most of them aren’t good.
NASCAR is ALL about the commercial side of the sport, and that means the teams who want to be a success have to play along. Lot’s of sponsor appearances, lot’s of dopey and embarrassing tv commercials in their drivers suits ( like we wouldn’t know who they were if they weren’t wearing their driving suits in totally inappropriate places ) and shilling for the NASCAR family of sponsors. And, if you own a NASCAR team and you’ve got bills to pay, it doesn’t hurt to have a driver from the top of the marketing chain. That’s just the reality of the sport. Dale Jr. for instance.

When it costs 30-ish million dollars to operate a team making income matters. I’m guessing you don’t think they can run without money, right?