5 completes two ready to assemble

415 all steel ft with all 4340 integral lower end. I beam 6.125 rod clearances splayed caps with Hutter cam. Have build sheet has 250 laps since built brand new. 220 brezinski acid flowed heads. Can hear run. 6500 carb to pan

362 all steel Bowtie stage 2 heads angle milled to 20* roller also custom Hutter grind h beam 6" rods. Gearte carb. 6500 carb to pan

Legal NLMSS 355 5.7 h beam with 180 dart heads 750 carb to pan 5500

NLMSS 360 dart 200 acid flowed with custom grind cam. Carb to pan 5800

Ump SS legal engine also all forged 4340 5.7/3.480 carb to pan 4000

360 dry sump 3 stage never been fired roller eng. intake to pan with pump and pan already assembled. Great combination.7550 no carb

355 ci 210 afr heads roller all 4340 lower end 6" rods h custom cam by fu racing 5950

To be built block clearances for 3.80 stroke have 6.125 rods h with pistons rings crank -.001 main and rods. Your choice of heads afr 210 to 230 roller only and rev kit available, also 3 cams to choose for your app. Call for more details.

Ls2 ready to be assembled call for app.
Sell out all as a package call
386-837-8048 chris. DO NOT CALL WITH TRADES.
SERIOUS INTEREST ONLY PLEASE these are serious racing engines that would cost way more to have built. Build sheets with cash on show up is expected.