Showtime dodged the rain

Although I drove through 120 miles of rain on the way to Showtime, it stopped at the bridge a few miles away, and Showtime raced last night. Yes, they were on the edge of bad weather, and yes, it felt like a sauna for a while, but the fact is I had a great time and watched good race night that featured the winged sprints.

There is something to be said for parity in racing, but I also kind of like it when its car versus the entire field. Last night, fast timer Dave Steele found himself in fifth, and chasing 4 fast cars. With amazing patience and skill, he picked his way past all of them and took the lead after 20 laps or so.

Although the car count was not outstanding (13 in the pits and 12 starters), the race was close and hard-fought the whole way. Some of the central Florida teams were racing in Georgia, so that didn’t help.

I really like the way Showtime is expanding the use of padded stadium seats. Since the last time I was there, Mr. Yoho has replaced the very small pit stands with a tall section of stadium seats. Nice!

This is a track that has the mini stock class figured out. The cars are inexpensive and tough. It seems like very few of them ever drop out, and they can run two features if they want to (oval and figure 8). Good job at keeping a class affordable and easy to get into.