NSS - Pro-Trucks MERGE with Sportsman...

Mark Keeler - New Smyrna Speedway Media

Effective immediately, due to lack of participation, Speedway and NASCAR Officials have made the decision to merge the Pro-Truck division with the Sportsman class for the remainder of 2013. There will be no more ‘Pro-Trucks’ listed on the official schedule, they will compete anytime the Sportsman cars take to the track. Drivers who have competed in the Pro-Trucks through the last race on 6/22 will retain their NASCAR points earned to that date. There will be no more NASCAR Points scored for the Pro-Trucks. Purses and Payouts will be made based on the Sportsman purse and will fall in-line with the Sportsman/Truck finish, combined, for each event. The divisions WILL remain scored separately for the purpose of Track Points Only.

Always thought that this might be a neat combo to watch.:huepfen024:

Sounds awesome! More classes as in mini stock, super stock and strictly stock should run trucks. Breaks up seeing same ol metric cars chasing one another. Lol good call

Frasson has been saying this for years. About time!