Kid/Parent Tire Race SATURDAY at NSS...

For the first time in 2013, we will be holding our Kids/Parents Tire race this Saturday during intermission. We did this last year in May with adding the Parents to the event and were pleasantly surprised with how many Parents took part. It was fun for all involved. Again, this will be this Saturday 7/27 during intermission. It is 100% FREE and Kids get to keep an authentic Hoosier Race Tire to take home as a Souvenir!

Is this an impound race? Slicks? Trailer tires? 8" or 10"? Damn, can I at least bring my own track tire??

Looks like fun Mark, the boys and I may have to show up and try it.

it IS an impound race. track provided tires only. and we have had a special durometer made for this one. Also, I understand the Vol. County arson Dog will be here to sniff for solvents in the tires!