FTS new website

check it out, it is still being updated.


Very nice website. Probably the best of any FL asphalt track. Not racing on 8/31 now? :confused:

Looks good

What’s really nice is that you can actually go on to the without being confirmed. Great job Linda and Kevin!

Yeah, that is a bummer. We had planned to come down and run the OWM-50 Lap event…

It’s not looking like we will be able to get down to FTS at all this year now…

there is a lot of information to still be added but it is Mike’s guy that does his websites.

So are you saying that the schedule isn’t completely posted? Or has it been changed?

They changed the schedule from 8/31 race to 9/7… Which happens to be when Citrus is running the FUPS race. When are they going to learn?!

Well I think it’s safe to say they’ve just lost a lot of cars for that show…Mine won’t be there.

This doesn’t make much sense at all. There were no Open Wheel Modified races in the state on the weekend of 8/31 except for at FTS.

Yeah. I wanted to run with the Sportsman that night. Not understanding why they wouldn’t want to run on a holiday weekend? :confused: I don’t think I can make the 9/7 event since I have a ton of personal commitments in September.

Back to Back Weekends

You can get you fill of racing before the holiday weekend; FUPS!
Alan Jay Automotive Network Pro-Trucks, Racecar Engineering Sportsman & Sunoco Race Fuels Mod’s @ Citrus Sat. 8/17 & Sat. 8/24 @ Auburndale. This should provide enough action to hold you over till Sept., see you at the races!