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This is from the website…Doubt most people know about this. Just putting it out there.

I guess it’s a well guarded secret. Didn’t know much about it until yesterday when AB195 brought it up.

Trying to plan my Thursday so I can make it, but it might be tough as I’m playing hooky today from work. If all goes well, I’ll be in St Pete by 7:00 tomorrow.

With the traffic, you need to leave at 6 am…

I checked the website on Monday and it showed Outlaw Modifieds, now it is Open Wheeled Mods. We are going to try our best to get there.

yes as usual

Yoho is flying by the seat of his pants…Outlaws backed out from what I was told. I think I would call before I showed up…we cant make it

Outlaws backed out

Not so, we are racing. In fact, there are several already at the track doing that TV remote.

Rex he is reffering to the outlaw mods. 4 cyclinder open wheel not the sprints

According to their Facebook it’s rained out. I’m right around the corner from there and it’s hammering right now, so I’d say it’s a good call to cut it early.

Kinda watched all the rain blast Orlando, then it looked like the Gulf Coast was next. Didn’t see much hope for this one to get in.

Thursday Night Thunder, got that right! :laugh:

I didn’t even open the trailer. It rained like crazy.