FTS results 8-31




  1. 13 Aaron Williamson Lakeland
  2. 51 Michael Atwell Naples
  3. 12 David Williamson Lakeland
  4. 82 Josh Calvert Port Charrlotte
  5. 8 Dan Scott Naples
  6. 07 Scott Garrity New Port Richey
  7. 98 Roger Welch St. Pete
  8. 67 James Debose Arcadia
  9. 73 Mark Peterson Sarasota
  10. 57x Jim Brenner Sarasota
  11. 7 Blain Baer Port Charlotte
  12. 64 Dave Bowman Bradenton
  13. 9 Shane Poling Port Charlotte
  14. 27 Dale Horne Boynton Beach


  1. 46 Doug Moff Fort Myers
  2. 19 Steve Arnold Cape coral
  3. 10 Travis Roland Lake Alfred
  4. 00 Shawn Harper Winter haven
  5. 37 Nick Hernandez Palmetto
  6. 80 Brandon Morris Mulberry
  7. 25 L. J. Grimm Seffner
  8. 21 Devin McLeod Zephrhills
  9. 94 Dalton Nelson Pinellas Park
  10. 5 Seth Adams Mullberry
  11. 11 Earl Beckner Apopka
  12. 61 Wayne Jefferson Pinellas Park
  13. 37s John Sheilds Bradenton
  14. 71 L. B. Skaggs N. Ft. Myers


  1. 10 Jason Miller Lehigh Acres
  2. 81 James Dellea 3rd. Port Charlotte
  3. 8 Shane Leonard Cape Coral
  4. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
  5. 33 Chris Loney Naples
  6. 44 Rick Hess Englewood
  7. 43 Mark Petty Venice
  8. 18 Logan Leonard Cape Coral
  9. 97 Chris Scott Nokomis
  10. 1 Johnny Allen Lehigh Acres

PRO TRUCKS 40 laps

  1. 64 Brent Huber Venice
  2. 37 Nick Hernandez Palmetto
  3. 4 Michael Pilla Midland N.C.
  4. 14 Sam Scott Naples
  5. 36 Chad Chastain Alva
  6. 59 John Inman Dover
  7. 42 Eric Borges Naples
  8. 5 Jeremy Daring Alva
  9. 80 Richard Nelson Port charlotte
  10. 29 Phil Ellis Arcadia

LEGENDS national qualifier 35 laps

  1. 15t Michael Torrees Apopka
  2. 00x Darin coker West Palm
    3.96l Teddy Lively Ruskin
  3. 19 Keith Sinkula Palm City
  4. 48l Andy Metz Lakeland
  5. 29 Joey Azzata Boca Ratton
  6. 99 Kyle Copobanco Spring Hill
  7. 8 Donovan Ponder Orlando
  8. 7 Mike Veerhagh Ft. Myers
  9. 26 Joey Langis Coral Springs
  10. 54 Tony Steinbuck Tamarac
  11. 2d David Patterson Pt. Charlotte
  12. 15f David Flail Bradenton
  13. 7b Dakota Baggett Lakeland
  14. 48fl Carl Haag Port St. Lucie
  15. 01 Devin McLeod Zephyrhills
  16. 98 Mike Horton St. Pete
  17. 14 Joel McKee Weekiwachee
  18. 2 Robby Lyons Seminole
  19. 00 Cameron McGee
  20. 28 Bob Lyons Seminole D.N.S.


  1. 5 James Widner Myakka City
  2. 171 Dalton Ellis Myakka City
  3. 88 Larry Saffold Sarasota
  4. 8 Joshua Widner
  5. 01 Aaron Widner
  6. 27 Austin Lykins Parrish
  7. 71 Jason Godwin Bradenton

As I read it, a field of 78 isn’t bad at all. Not many with less than 10, and a few classes better than that.

Not setting the world on fire, but respectable…

Getting a foot in the door, as far as getting racers in the gate, is half the battle. Getting them to come back is the other half.

A N D . . . Results posted already… now that’s fast… thank you Linda…your dedication is appreciated by this writer/fan…OSF

Thank you for the results

It means a lot to us racers that could not be there. Now does anyone have any highlights in the mod race? what happened? how the race went? heat races? seen some heavy hitters finish in the rear? Tech? Don’t make me call you T.C…lol

have church and helping my son move today, but here is a quick highlight from my score sheet. L.B set fast time 15.243 started P7, Moff was on the pole and ran P1 the entire race. Jefferson was on his bumper with Arnold as the top 3, Morris was 4th and pitted on lap 9 with a flat, while Skaggs was 5th. Skaggs broke on lap 16 not sure if it was due to contact with the 19. lap 40 the 37 of Sheilds blew up and hit the wall so under red the cars were turn off on the front stretch. Jefferson wasn’t able to fire back up and Grimm also had problems, Grimm came back out but lost the air filter and stuff a few laps later, while Harper ran in third. Good hard racing by all no crash fest, just good racing, 5 cautions spread out for 50 laps. that’s the best I got, and everyone passed tech.

You are now my favorite Linda

Thank you soo much

Thanks FTS

Not that it matters to most, but it does to me. Last night after qualifying kevin stopped by are pit to tell us are car looked tight in qualifying, LOL I said with a right flat it should be tight, we picked up a piece of metal debri in the rr tire when we pulled in to the x of the infield. Kevin said let me have the tire,i told him I had already gone down to the tire shed and purchased another one, He said I will be back in a minute, when he returned. he handed me 125.00 dollars for the tire I had ruined. MOST TRACKS WOULD HAVE SAID SORRY FOR LUCK I was very surprised. Well I just wanted to share that with yall, Gestures like that go a long way with the racers and fans. thanks again

That is a real good car count for the times…
You can be proud to have that many racers with 2 tracks 20 mi apart.
Great to see my home track getting back on line…
I hope that I get to come watch some racing there this year…


T.C. guess you didn’t get the memo… Kevin meant for you to give me that 125.00…trust me.
In reality, that was a sport move on Kevin’s part… that track has come a long long way since the take-over… you can’t even see the ole Desoto anywhere… new everything… well maintained, clean as hell, safe stands…just what you’d expect in a “Real Race Track”… thanks FTS Management / Staff… OSF

Had that happen a few times at other tracks and never compensated…


Not to the same degree as buying me a tire, but… I had my car up on stands with three guys under it and Kevin rolled up in his cart and asked if we were gonna be ok. (I had spun in practice and needed a push start to get going since my old weak a** starter couldn’t crank my hot motor). I told him
we were fine and just swapping out the starter since we had time. He actually apologized to me for what little remains of that nasty bump in between 3 and 4 figuring that’s what caused me to spin! I told him that we were just real loose and I pushed it too hard on exit. He said as soon as they are able, they are going to repave that section and remove the bump entirely. This guy really cares about the racers and doing everything he can to have the best racetrack possible. :ernaehrung004: