Marion County Speedway- "The Bullring"

A group of dwarf and modlite drivers went there to race two days this weekend and had a blast! I never see this little track get any mention here and I suspect that is in most part because of their small size. However it does not lack in big racing excitement! If you like to see side by side dirt slinging action then you should check this little track out. They run three different classes of sprints, pro challenge, midgets, quads… So they next time you are looking for some cheap entertainment check them out. By the way, every admission is a pit pass. You can get up close and personal with the cars and drivers.

Campers Paradise Wing Sprint

If your looking for some great action. The Bullring is hopping. Look for the Campers Paradise Wing Sprint cars. CJ and Rick Brayton. Its nothing like some Monkey Business.

Yuppers !!

Been here several times and last year put the NAPA 15 Chevy on the dirt track for some kiddie rides… Had a BLAST… $10 pit pass for all access is the best deal in Florida. Good food if you get hungry too.:huepfen024:
Just about a mile and a half South of Bubba raceway Park…


Would like to say thank you for the kind words, and that is what makes the long hours worth it. We are busting our butts over there to perhaps become the premiere “SMALL” car track in the south. We do know it’s a very big task and there is SOOO much more to do. We are only 3 years young and trying to build something from scratch is a tough deal with “LIMITED” funds. We know our place in the racing world of Florida and understand so and do not want or try to compete with our big brothers. We have a very unique situation as what we want and need to do, starting with the cost of ticket prices. $10.00 all access pass is a pretty good deal to get up and close to the racers and go wherever you feel. We cater to 4 cly. small car racing ONLY. But we are known as FAMILY…we cater to you as part of our extended family and a working man can bring his family to the Bullring without killing his pocket book. Also we are VERY AWARE what needs to be done at the track for your visting pleasure.

We do race on Sat. night but have tried Fri. and Sun. I have said Sunday’s will work in Florida if done properly so we have diecide to do a Sat. Sun. show the end of each month. There has been lots of talk about closing during the summer, well we have been doing just that. Close June July and August and race till Dec. 14 and reopen 1st weekend in Jan. It’s just to hot & wet in Florida the summer months.

Again thank you so much for thinking and visiting our little corner of the world and keep and eye out for specials the rest of the year and 2014. We race the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month with hotlaps at 6 racing at 7.

Classes at the Bullring of Marion County Speedway:http:

Southern States Division II Midgets
Southern States Mini Sprints
Sunshine Micro Sprints
Florida Pro Challenge and TQ Latemodels
Florida Dwarf Dirt and Legend cars
MCS Flat Track ATV/TT Quads
Gadget Sprints

[SIZE=“5”]for you the FAN… print and bring a friend[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“5”]Not valid for racers…Fans only[/SIZE]

I see hobbies & thunders on the schedule in the future…will mark the calendar :slight_smile:


The daytona Area Auto Racing Association is holding there Fall Nationals for vintage cars on Nov. 14th-17th. Come by & say hello & see all the vintage cars run the bullring. We believe this is one of the nicest dirt tracks in the state.