8 Inch 5x5 Wheels And Tires

5x5 Wheels With D-40 And A-40 Tires. 2 Beadlocks 3 Inch Offset Others Are 3 And 4 Inch Non Beadlocks. $200.00 For All Or $50.00 Apiece 407-467-3677

Trade you 5 steel,10in.wide 5’s,5in offset. Never raced,used to roll car around only.I’ll hive you 3 older wheels to go with it,ugly but useable.

do not need any 10 inch wheels thanks for offer

Were u located ?

Is there anything else you might be interested in trading for? If not what’s the best you could do on price,gas ain’t cheap,and I’d be driving up from Tampa.

Located In Apopka And $200.00 Is Cheap Enough

sold a couple wheels still have whats listed with tires that can be run