OSW: Super Late Models, Sat., Oct. 19th

From Orlando FaceBook:

Ok, I do listen to the fans and racers as much as I can, but I can’t always do what you want. Some fans what to see a SLM show, so, instead of running the PLM (sorry guys) on Oct. 19th, I am going to run the SLM. I expect to see a lot of fans there. :slight_smile: SLM drivers: you have asked about the division, but I have only received a handful of calls. I know a lot of you call other people; call me - I know the answers to what OSW is doing; not anyone else. NSS has practice only that night so should have a great car count. Give me good car counts and I will run you more. Here’s your chance to make me a believer. I love the class but $-wise, we have to make it work! Spread the word! Thanks to everyone!

Y’all better call up Jimbo.

Tele #

What is the correct number to reach Jimbo ?

[QUOTE=T Mack;133555]What is the correct number to reach Jimbo?[/QUOTE]Todd, try this number (from http://www.orlandospeedworld.org): (407) 568-1367

Also, it looks like OSW has the “Rainout notification” app for your cell phone; at least, it’s advertised as such on the Web site.

They (Jimbo, guess that’s his name)apparently doesn’t listen very good when he does, because a lot of racers have been saying to use KARNAC to communicate because they don’t use Facebook and he still won’t use it. It’s not like it costs anything. Thanks Jimmy for keeping everyone informed because if you didn’t a lot of people wouldn’t know what the HELL is going on out there.

Please check schedules

The FUPS SLM are at Auburndale on 10/19, please just look at the schedules of all the tracks & series before making a date, FUPS does!

Its also the weekend before the Governer’s Cup. I really wanted to run my super there but can’t risk anything with only 4 days to fix it if something goes wrong.

any infomation for osw should posted on osw website first that is where most regluar fans would look most fans have no clue about this site or facebook . I know when I want to go to nss I go to their website always find the info I need .

Just to let you know

The more places you can put info out the better.


Jimbo listens very well but is very busy putting schedules together, improving track, getting sponsors so racers can race, the little things. I post on facebook and web-site cant answer ever site as I have stuff to do to improve not bash OSW, apparently you don’t, signed Jimbo or what ever his name is:)

Keep doing what you’re doing Jimbo and I believe you will be successful. In the meantime I’ve chosen a new uniform for you to wear since you are the current ring leader of the circus. The clowns are abundant.


Looks like Rusty…

Not bashing anyone/anything. Just stating the fact that KARNAC is the most important site for local racing communication. You communicate on here the word WILL get out.

Hey dd38, you know I am still a KARNAC fan, and have been for 13+ years. However, you need to realize that Facebook has a much wider reach, even relating to local racing. Don’t fight it. Using Facebook doesn’t mean you are some teenager wandering around the mall with your nose stuck in a phone. It is actually a very powerful tool. I am even doing some business on there now.

Yes. You were.

Like Boneman said. Facebook is the place to communicate. So, you wanna hear whats going on? Get a facebook account. It is easy.

Whatever. Next thing you know KARNAC will disappear for lack of support. Facebook is not dedicated to racing.


It doesn’t have to be ‘dedicated’ to racing, and it’s NOT… However a lot of racers and tracks are on Facebook. Every track I go to is on Facebook, along with friends,fellow vets,grandchildren, and news you won’t see on the ‘lame stream media’.
Well, maybe Facebook is not for you afterall… Just sayin’…
KARNAC is not going away, and neither is Facebook.

After the the complaining from dd38 that they weren’t gonna run Late Models, I would have thought he’d be glad they were being added… maybe even publicly support the idea. Maybe even say “hell yeah, I’m bringing mine”.

But… as usual… just finds something to complain about for the 473rd time.

Dave… put up, or shut up. You got your wish, now go RACING instead of bellyaching.

I wish them luck, but mine won’t be there. I just pulled the engine a couple weekends ago to rebuild and try and get a little more out of it for N.S.S. since they said initially there would not be any SLM’s the rest of the forseeable future. And it won’t be back together by then. If I had not taken it apart I’d run it. If they run any Open OWM’s anymore this season I’ll bring it out since it is back running again. I wasn’t complaining. Just trying to get answers so I can make plans. Just like this deal, short/last minute notice. Communication is the answer. Why they won’t do it on here who knows.

P.S. I’ll make all of you happy now. I’m going to close my KARNAC account as of now. So all you ass-wipes can now celebrate. There are a hell of a lot more people on here that as you all say “COMPLAIN” more than I do. Now you all won’t have something to complain about. So STFU!

Is it just me or is it getting warm in here ? Anybody want some pop corn while we watch the show ? LOL !