Volusia Nat'l Late Models on Sat.

Anyone know of drivers planning on being there?

So far, I’ve seen that both Mark Whitener & Kyle Bronson will be.

So far, I’ve heard:

58 Mark Whitener
40 Kyle Bronson
21 Ivedent Lloyd
46 Darrell Padgett

Good start… All 4 are stout.

and last I heard:

Bo Allen also


Going to be a good show!

Also should expect to see:

Jason Fitzgerald
Joe Kump
Richard Ferry
Cale Simons
Scott Lagasse Jr
Cody Simons
JR Mosely
Donnie Chappell
Cecil Eunice

Others that would make sense to be there:

Tyler Ivey
Keith Nosbisch
Jackie Nosbisch
Dillon Wood
David Clegg

Modifieds are also on the schedule - Kyle Bronson bringing his as well as the LM.

Frass… are you gonna sit in the stands or been in turns 1-2?

Not sure I’ll make it at all. Been laid up in bed 5 of the last 6 days. If recovery goes good, there’s no other track I’d pick… but I really like turn 2. Seen lots of action from that corner the last few times I’ve been there.
Stop by and see me.