tried to go to osw

well drove 35 miles to osw . got there and the drag strip backed out on 50 both ways about half a mile went around told the two security guys directing traffic that I was going to circle track . not the drag strip they didn’t care told me I would need to go down the road and get in line. I told them no thanks. I didn’t think I should have to sit out on hwy 50 waiting for people to go into the drag strip when nobody was going in to the circle track so I drove home.

Same for me, apparently the drag strip is paying the bills. Tried to support the show, maybe next time.

I watched people come in after intermission. dedication.

fun part is going to be getting out. We are wrapping up… and there is still a line to get in

Hey atleast your track is only 35 miles away. I live in south Florida where te closest track is clewiston and that’s an hour and 20 minutes away. And the only way for me to get there is to take US 27. And if you’ve ever been on US 27 down here at night… There’s no lights. Driving home at 12…1230 at night with no lights makes it a long and interesting ride home!!

same here

had 2 sportsman cars,and couldn’t get into the track. WAKE UP OSW! How are you going to fix this by next race?:fragend005:

I came in from the east and drove right in. Next time, go past the track, do a U turn and you will drive right in too.

When Jim found out what happened with you, he drove out there and raised hell with the guy who was “directing traffic”.

I did that and still would not let me into the track told me I had to go down the road to the end of the line. like patrick said the drag strip is paying the bills.

Man, that sux. I am sure it cost us some cars. Jimbo was livid and out to fix it.

I just drove by them when the tried to stop me i just keep going

If the drag strip wouldn’t do the full sign in process at the gate the road would clear much faster. I drove by there at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and drag cars were already backed up to the highway in the right lanes.

They def need a separate line for cars that are racing, and those for the spectators.

The spectators should be allowed to just drive in and park, like we do at the oval track. It wouldn’t be so congested then.

Maybe do a little better planning and have the drivers be required to be there by 3pm on race day to AVOID such a mess.

It was a bit crazy… and I was a bit upset knowing people wouldn’t wait in that line…

If racing was on friday night no problem and more cars

HAHAHAHA riiight


If the payout is the only reason short track racing is failing then why is that line so long for the dragstrip? I can guarantee you it is not for the money the usual payout is for 4 spots 8 if you’re lucky. Guess those drag racers are happy just to have a place to race, and don’t come back with that crap drag racing is cheaper there are cars there that make SLMs look free.

What if there was an emegency vehicle that needed to get through and all 4 lanes are blocked? Drive through the mud and maybe get stuck?
This alone should be a reason for management to make a change!

How about the west side for drag strip and the east side for circle track?
One lane in and one lane out for each side. Single file and do not block the road.
Also, open the gates earlier to get competitors in and reduce the back up. Does it cost that much more to open the gates at noon?

Good luch OSW

Drag Racing is some lame shit anyway

Says us, but apparently not all those spectators.

It is cheaper in the long run. They buy tires maybe once a year some go 2 years and that is just for rear tires around 600 dollars a set. Most cars set in the trailer all week with maybe a oil change and valve adjust at best. You can go drag racing by your self try that with a superlate and see how you do. So getting on here and saying it cost more money or the same to drag race just isn’t true.

I did not say that but it is not free to race ANYTHING so the blanket statement that the problem with short track racing is the economy is apparently not true when you see all these drag cars at the track. I drag raced for years and I know the expense of racing and the cars that win do not sit in the trailer all week they require maintenance not to the extent of a short track car but they are NOT free. And the price of a car just like short track cars, the faster you want to go the more it hits your wallet.