Rumor about 50 lapper at citrus???

Anyone know about a 50 lap modified at citrus this Saturday ???

50 lap fups race at auburndale this sat. plus 50 laps for sportman and trucks.

Doug, they contacted me about it and asked if it was ok if they ran a 50 lap, double points, 1000 to win and I told them I didn’t care but I’ve heard nothing else and I assumed when they realized FUPS was running they decided not to, but I figured if they were going to do it we would have heard by now. You know you would have to start in the rear anyway. Lol. The rear sucks. Lol. The way you’ve been running you would be fine though. BATMAN

Thanks Troy

I’m a little gun shy anyway…considering. I think I will let her rest this weekend…Good luck BATMAN!!!

He advertised on facebook a 40 lap OWM race this saturday the 21st.


the 40 lappers are a regular show…

It will be just our OWM 40 laps race 9/21/13 I did not see the FUPS race so I back off there date for a 50 lap race this weekend.

Gary Laplant


That was the right thing to do…Hopefully you have a good field of mods. Sorry but I will be sitting this one out…