Napa Drops MWR

I feel for Truex here…he may lose his job over nothing he did wrong. And all the employees who could get the boot. If that happens I can see lawyers suing MWR over losing their jobs due to the scandal…its a mess.

Karma for MW he is a POS

Not shocked… Not one bit… This is their 3rd strike… First was Jet Fuel in Daytona, second was MW’s DUI incident where he flipped his car, left it and walked home in his socks… and now this… I am shocked they lasted this long after all that. I really like Truex and I hate this for him, but just really not shocked at all… :rolleyes:

Thank god Reutimann was long gone and untouched by all this. I hope NAPA will remain associated with motorsports as I feel they have been a good sponsor in the sport, The economy has not healed to the extent that sponsorship can be taken for granted.

one move can make or break a company…more to it than just winning

Geez, I hope this doesn’t move him to the booth with his GOOFY brother.

forgot some

First was Jet Fuel in Daytona, second was MW’s DUI incident where he flipped his car, left it and walked home in his socks… and now this

[B][I]We could also add:

The (new design) front sway bar from a Jack Roush Team that somehow went from a race track spare parts box and ended up in MWR shop???

The rear spoiler that ‘‘somehow’’ dissapears with one to go at Daytona on his Race Truck for some anniversary race few years back??? [/I][/B]

Lets look at this from a bigger picture here though. NASCAR dropped the hammer with penalties, which have now come to losing this sponsor and I think there is a very real possibility that this could END the MWR organization altogether. That’s wrong.
Drivers have intentionally spin before, Earnhardt jr admits to it. Drivers admit to having thrown things out the window. Those things all changed the outcomes of races, and nothing was ever done. But suddenly now nascar cares so much that they might destroy an entire team, putting hundreds of workers out of a job?? That’s wrong to me. Had nascar acted as if they cared about team tactics before maybe this whole thing could have been avoided.

Yea like in the drivers meeting before the race where they specifically told them not to screw around like that.

I think the reality here is MWR’s shadiness has finally caught up with them. NAPA stuck with them through all the other BS and this was finally it. Its a shame, but dont put NASCAR on the hook for MWR’s previous strikes with their sponsor.

Like you said the seemingly insignificant actions suddenly have very big real consequences - but isnt that life really?

Penalties like this will certainly go far to reduce blatant cheating. Smokey Yunick used to say if the rulebook did not prohibit or address something it was fair game for him to tinker with. Today they say if it does not fully conform to their(NASCAR) liking then it is not legal . Perhaps they should manufacture the cars and use the IROC formula and let you apply the wrap on race day. I for one encourage ingenuity as long as it is not blatant.

Just a big ole mess

This whole thing is just stupid. Lets sit back and think about a few things for a minute. You talk about cheating, yes your not supposed to push rules, or work in the gray area to try and get an advantage on the racetrack, yet one of the biggest cheaters, or rule benders in nascar is a 5 time cup crew chief. Chad Knaus has worked outside of the rule book worse than any other crew chief in the history of the sport. I think he is crazy smart, innovative, and has the balls to keep trying to get an advantage. Where did MWR do anything different than Hendrick Motorsports.

Lets talk about things that have happened in the past that have affected races/championships in the past. Does anybody remember when team cars would be running 1st and 2nd and the lead car just moves over and let’s the 2nd place car just go right bye. Then next corner they just swap it right back. There was a point when even cars from the same manufacturer where in on that game too. What is the difference, in what MWR has done?

Nascar picks and chooses how, and who they pick on. This time they got it all wrong. They need to learn how to be consistant with penalties. Viewership is way down, and only getting worse, I for one have quit watching its just not worth it.

Patrick Thomas 25

they want one big IROC race is all it is becoming

get in same same cars and drive for 450 miles and get stupid the last 50 for fun

get in same same cars and drive for 450 miles and get stupid the last 50 for fun

That’s pretty there already.