Orlando pratice

Does anyone know if Orlando is having practice this Friday?

Sigh… Dave, once again go to Orlando Speedworld Facebook page and scroll down to Aug 10th and there you will find the practice dates. posted.:huepfen024:

Luis, It was lunch break when I posted that and my employer doesn’t allow Facebook and has it blocked… Goes to show you not everyone uses Facebook. Good enough reason?

I love my smartphone

I dont use facebook either. Why is it so hard to put the schedule on the OSW website? Why do they have a website?

There is no sense in arguing about using facebook or which is better.

If a promoter knows how to pomote, then they will use ALL the possible resources to reach the most amount of people available. Period.

Agree 100 per cent with you about facebook. I do not and will not use facebook, thusforth my $40 to $60 per week as a fan will go to the track or tracks which use the means I do. Doesn’t the track want my dollars? Reason: Figured I would give the facebook thing a try for OSW (afterall I’ve been going there since 1979) and lo and behold, the one thing I want to stay away from popped up on the screen before I could get the info. A survey which asked for my personal info!!! No way!!! Once again as of now I support the tracks which are supporting Karnac, radio, tv, newspapers, as they are my choice of source for info!!! Why do some tracks feel there is only one way to give the fans info ? Although I will not attend the facebook tracks I truly hope there do it my way or stay home attitude works for them. Good luck OSW…

You may want to get your PC checked for viruses