Was poking around looking at a variety of speedweeks calendars and conspicuously absent from DIS calendar is Battle at the Beach for 2014.

Anybody have any new info on the chances of it being at NSS in some form?

If nothing else is the NSS 2014 Speedweeks Calendar up anywhere?

Sshhhh - wait for it ------ wait for it

But to add to the curiosity, NSS is installing some very nice track lighting.

Heard it through the grapevine over here… “The Battle of Samsula”…

Well I like the sound of that! Cant wait to hear something official.

And that is a load of pathetic B.S.

NASCAR needs to keep the Battle at the Beach just that.Not the battle at New Smyrna.It needs to prop up its half hearted attempt at propping up its hometrack weekly racing series with the allure of winning at a storied place like Daytona,NOT another of its weekly tracks.DAYTONA makes for lifelong memories after one year of half ass promotion now you want to move it?

Admit last year was a debacle and move it…

Hell yes they should move it last year sucked big time. Racing was horrible.

:huepfen024:Dirt racing on the FLAT TRACK at night :huepfen024:

They should probably move it because they are supposed to eventually tear down the superstretch stands.