FUPS Schedule for Sat. 10/19

[SIZE=“3”][B]Here is our schedule for Saturday, show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and wear your pink proud, see you Saturday.

FUPS Regal KIA 100 @ Auburndale Sat. 10/19/13

10:30am. Parking and Set up
2:00pm. Tech Opens for FUPS/Tire Shed Opens
2:00pm. Pit Gate Opens for all
3:00-4:00 FUPS SLM Practice Only
4:00-5:15 Practice for all divisions round robin
5:30pm. Mandatory Drivers/Spotters Meeting
6:00pm. Qualifying: SLM
6:50pm. Invocation/National Anthem
7:00pm. Heats: Mini Stocks, Scramblers, V8 Bombers, and Street Stocks

INTERMISSION ? SLM to track for autograph session will start from front stretch after.

SLM 100 laps ? 100mins.
Street Stocks 20 laps - 20 mins.
Mini Stocks ? 20 laps ? 20 mins.
V-8 Bombers 15 laps 15 mins.
Scramblers 15 laps 15 mins.

The track will have open practice on Friday 10/18 from 5-10pm. Pit Admission is $10.00.


Who (SLM) have pre-registered?.. is this going to be the last race of this series? Been a great series… Thanks, OSF

Expected entries

Thank you OSF, we are still planning FUPS races for 2014. Waiting on the track owners to get the schedule worked out. Our last race for 2013 will be the BIG 2-Day Show at Auburndale on 11/23-24th, sportsman, trucks, SLM, etc… Yes we are running a Sunday afternoon show with racing starting at 2:00pm., more info to follow.
We don’t have a pre-entry format for FUPS but here is a list of those expected for Sat., W. Anderson, Webster, Dutilly, Billy Bigley Jr., Dorer, Cataldi, Randy Anderson, Dylan Bigley, Todd Brown, Jonathan Guy, Winchell, Booke Storer, Jessica Murphy, King and others.

Thanks, sounds good… Luv dem FUPS/SLM’s, First to add on my race schedule “After” I put the Gov Cup each year…then I fill in the blank dates with other LM Races…OSF

FORGET IT…just saw how Andereson was treated by FUPS (after the SO Interviewd parties involved)… Wayne did NOTHING wrong… got 25 pts deducted and 250.00 fine…(by FUPS when another clown came into Waynes pit and started trouble)…

Have changed my mind… going else where this weekend… NO MORE FUPS for me… if they treat one driver like this… they sure as hell could do the same for others…I will spend my few dollars where there is fair treatment…

I have seen my last FUPS SLM Race (just so happens it was at Citrus the night all this crap happened)…



Were you at the same meeting I as with all the promotors last month??? Yes you were stop the B/S There will be no FUPS series next year be honest with the racers and the fans. THIS IS WHY FLORIDA SHORT TRACK RACING HAS GONE DOWN HILL. If there is a series it will be LM only and under a different Name as we talked about if you can get enough tracks to do the deal at this point I think you have two all other track have back out.
Which there will be no series for OWN,TRUCKS, OR SPORTMAN PER THE MEETING TELL THE RACERS AND FAN THE TRUTH FOR ONCE. The cut off date was OCt 15 at the meeting and I asked you the other day and you said you still did not nw how was in???


Everyone wanted to know why I pulled out for the FUPS this is why to many storys and not telling the truth to races and fans.

Gary Laplant
813 313 8741

I say bring back the FAST series!!

Rick thinks for the schedule it does help when you know what is going on. As for Gary don’t listen to him he was not at the last meeting when you told the sportsman, mods, and trucks that there would not be a traveling series for them. Also the drivers were told the tracks were going to work on not scheduling big races the same nights.Gary if you remember at the meeting all the tracks agreed to take race dates for the late models under a new name. This also was going to be finalized when Orlando and N.S figured out a couple of the specials they had and what Ozzie wanted for dates. If you had kept the FUPS dates at Citrus you too could have heard the same words. He does have it writing on which dates people wanted as long as every thing could get worked out with the purse structure and heck you even took dates but we know that does not mean anything from you. Also when the meeting happened it was asked that things discussed stay at Full throttle and I think a phone call was made before the ink was dry on the notes. Instead of taking this post why don’t you respond to mike b. on why the late model purse at your track has been cut, because we all know you don’t believe in posting B.S. Also the question was asked about rules and everyone said by the book so how does this read: Unsportsmanlike-like conduct can carry a minimum $250.00 fine and/or suspension and/or loss of points. Any and all fines will be added to the point?s fund at the end of the racing season.So we all know who this is it is Carl Green tech man at Auburndale Speedway who also was at that meeting and I approve this message.

I have talked to other promoters myself also about 2014.
I aslo was at the meeting really donthing they have had another one.
All I will say is time will tell here real soon on what is going to happen then we all can go from there.

Gary Laplant

Classy Gary…very classy…:anim_buttkick:

And my family wonders why I go out of state for my racing… Like a bunch of kids arguing over a kickball.

I real always beleive that series racing in Florida did more harm then good.


Well,if you could get them to work together,and not fight over the “kickball”,you could IMPROVE racing in Florida.But then the Government will work together and not wreck the country,amd everyday would be Christmas.

my dad tells me of racing back in the 60’s and 70’s traveling around FL, how the track rules were the same for a division and you could race 3 tracks in a weekend. so much has changed and not for the better…

you want more cars …scale back the cost…racers want more, it was the job of the tracks to say no and keep people from out spending themselves…force racers to not but high dollar parts and more could have the money to race, original idea there…look at nascar…they now have guys 10 -15 MPH slower making the field because there is only 43 showing up…