Happy Birthday to a childhood hero

There’s got to be a BUNCH of you out there, who were amazed by the greatest Daredevil of all time…

Evil Kneivel would have been 75 today…

He was THE showman of the day, and a character that the world will never forget.

Memories brought back again. Thanks F118 !!! Remember going to Stafford Motor Speedway in Ct back in the day when Evil headlined a special night of activities at the Ct half-miler. The NEMA midgets also put on one heck of a show that night as well. Evil’s famous bus jump. Plainly remember him revving the bike, going to the top of the ramp, turning around, coming back down, announcing to the crowd how the danger factor had risen because the track and ramp had become damp from the night mist. Up and down, over and over again with the fans holding their breath every time he went up the ramp. Finally a decision. Let’s go for it !!! Evil then went up for the final time and jumped the buses with his cycle landing a little squirely (sp) , but Evil completed the jump safely. Crowd went wild…What a showman!!! Happy Birthday Evil where ever you are watching from !!! Thanks Frasson

Happy Birthday Evel

I tore up alot of bicycles after seeing the EK movie at the drive-
in where George Hamilton played Evel. Then got to meet him at Cahill’s Yamaha in 1980 and he signed my cast . Didn’t graduate high school , but he made (and lost) millions of dollars more than once, could barely walk at times, but wouldn’t have changed anything if he had it to do all over again . R.I.P.